New pieces now available.

Zena McCoy

Tags 2014 collection, bullhorn, ecodesign, inti

Our new line of Solei bracelets are now available.  Made from soft leather with a sliced bullhorn centerpiece.   We are madly at work on our 2014 collection which will be available in 3 weeks.  My personal favorite is out Inti necklace. It comes in four colors. 

New product line available in Dec, online orders suspended till then.

Zena McCoy

Please feel free to browse our site. However, we will not be able to respond to any orders till mid December. We are currently out of the country sourcing new materials and working on our 2014 line.  You may still purchase jewelry at the Ballard Farmer Market every Sunday from 10-3.  Stay posted for photos from South America.   

Limited edition bracelets

Zena McCoy

We are very pleased to be rolling out our new limited edition bracelet line. Each bracelet has a bullhorn centerpiece with small Chirilla seeds woven on the side. We were only able to get a few pounds of these tiny seeds so theses bracelets won’t last long.  Right now they are available in white, red, black, orange, and royal blue on the sides.  If you are interested in one please e-mail us and we can send you a photo of what is currently available.  Since they are limited edition they will not be posted on the website directly.  Get one...

New Bullhorn Line!

Zena McCoy

We are excited to be launching our new line of bullhorn jewelry. After much searching last year we were able to track down a small family run workshop in the outskirts of Bogota that produces the polished bullhorn pieces. Colombia has a large leather industry, with bullhorn being a biproduct. The bullhorn is first sliced, then cut, polished and drilled. What we love most about the bullhorn is that each piece is a bit different, ranging in color from jet black to bright white.  It is also extremly durable and unique.